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The  Dank vape cartridges are quite good . the only problem i faced while using it was that i had some difficulty locating the QR code . I found it after about 5 minutes and verified to make sure the dank vape was authentic
it hits pretty fast and i got high about 2 minutes after .

Weibe10484 / Verified Buyer

For me its the quality of the oil i have always cared about . Like something organic void of any contaminants . the pure  vape pen offered me the benefits i needed so badly . It has reduced my anxiety to minimal levels and very productive now.

Palakiko / Verified buyer

This is my preferred method of smoking weed . As a woman i find it way cleaner than the normal method of smoking. The C02 vape cartridge i did a test order on was the of high quality . it contained no flavors what so ever . That’s what am ordering all the time. 

kate / Verified Buyer

I once had a very bad experience with THC carts. I stoped using them for about 6 months but then had anxiety and mental disorder diagnosed by the doc again. Thankfully this time though i found the perfect vape cartridge at megatankstore . Kingpen cartridges are my favorites now.

Poston / Verified Buyer

Clearly vape cartridges are the future of the cannabis industry . All those opposing this are fighting a lost battle . I have had clients improve their lung health by consuming organic THC oil  such as the pure vape pen. 

Atherley140 / MD

You guy said you deliver in 24 hours but i received my order only after 2 days . the oil tastes great btw . Be fast next time lol . Definitely placing a bigger order this time .

Finona43 / Verified Buyer